Introducing FontRapid

Design and create fonts directly in Sketch

Introducing the free font creator plugin for Sketch, helps creating full-fledged OpenType fonts that can be used for print, web and mobile.

Get Sketch Plugin

Requires Sketch 50+. Latest version v1.5.0

Icon Font and Kerning Groups are on the way!

We are hardly working on these featuers you may love. Want to contribute? Please help us spread the word!

Create stunning fonts in few clicks

Integrated seamlessly into Sketch, FontRapid turns your letter shapes in Sketch to a full-fledged professional OpenType font!

Tweak Font Glyph with realtime preview

Extremely easy to tweak the glyph's metrics, such as left / right kerning, ascender, descender, etc with the realtime preview.

Rapid tool for font production

Compared with those heavy classic font creators, FontRapid introduced a faster and much more enjoyable way to create a professional font.

Easy Font Creation

Make any path or shape into a font glyph with one click

Glyph Adjust

Adjust glyph line height, left or right kerning easily with realtime preview

OpenType Export

Most popular and advanced typographic font format


Making your font more beautiful by adding ligatures


Creating alternates to build extensive fonts

Kerning (coming)

Easy kerning paris management

No Hassle

Use Sketch as glyph editing tool, no need to adopt another, no learning curve and no time wasted

Self Management

Font metadata are saved into Sketch document, making it easy to transfer whole project

Commercial Use

Free to sell fonts created with FontRapid to anyone, anywhere

Try FontRapid creator, it's free!

Turn your design to beautiful and professional OpenType font rapidly, just within Sketch.

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Browse around our frequently asked questions below. However, if you cannot find an answer to your question, send us an email and we will get back to you.

Is FontRapid Creator free to use?

Yes, it is free. 🎉

Environment requirement?

FontRapid for Sketch works with Sketch 43+, on macOS 10.11 or later.

How to install FontRapid plugin?

Unzip the downloaded FontRapid package, you will find a sketchplugin file, double click it to install.

How to access FontRapid then?

After successful installation, navigate to Plugins menu in Sketch, you will find FontRapid under there.

How to import my letter shapes?

First, give each shape layer a proper glyph name, e.g. A, b, $, etc. Each layer is added as a glyph. Then click import button to import.

Which format can I export?

FontRapid allows you to export standard OpenType font, with a file extension .otf.

How to create ligatures?

Append .liga to layer name to mark it as a ligature. To create fi ligature, name your layer to fi.liga and import.

How to create alternates?

Append .alt01, .alt02, ... to layer name to mark it as an alternate. To create an alternate for letter g, name your layer to g.alt01 and import.

Can I sell fonts created with FontRapid?

Sure, you can do everything with your fonts! Your own work should not be limited.

What can I contribute?

Like our project? We hope you help us spead the word by sharing FontRapid with others.

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