v1.5.0May 11, 2018

Supports Sketch 50.

v1.4.1Jan 29, 2018

Added drag and drop support.

*** NEW ***

  • Added the drag and drop support. Select some layers in layers list, and drag them to FontRapid panel to import layers as glyphs!
  • Press and hold the command key to select multiple glyphs at a time.
  • *** FIXED ***

  • Fixed the issue that category title cannot be toggled after imported data was cleared.
  • v1.4.0Jan 27, 2018

    πŸ’₯πŸ™€ An important update! Category / Group view, Ligatures and Alternates are introduced in this version!

    *** NEW ***

  • Category View is available. When you created a lot of characters, the interface wouldn't be messy any more. Glyphs are carefully categorized to help you find them quickly.
  • Ligatures. Create as many ligatures as you like, and it's very simple to use. Just add a suffix .liga to the layer to make it a ligature. For example, to create a ffi ligature, name the layer to ffi.liga
  • Alternates. Similar as ligatures, just add a suffix .alt01, .alt02,... to the layer to make it an alternate. For example, to create an alternate for G, name the layer to G.alt01
  • *** IMPROVED ***

  • Improved data saving in Sketch document.
  • *** FIXED ***

  • Fixed the import issue for certain characters such as ', ".
  • v1.3.1Jan 21, 2018

    Tweaked the UI and fixed the import bug.

    *** IMPROVED ***

  • Improved the glyphs list selection experience.
  • *** FIXED ***

  • Fixed the space glyph import bug introduced in last version.
  • v1.3.0Jan 19, 2018

    FontRapid for Sketch 1.3.0 released! We rewrote the UI to make users get started easily, and fixed the preview bug on OS X 10.11.

    *** NEW ***

  • Added the space glyph editing support.
  • *** IMPROVED ***

  • Rewrote the panel UI to make it much easier to get started.
  • Don't reload when reopening FontRapid panel in current Sketch document.
  • *** FIXED ***

  • Fixed the preview issue on certain macOS 10.11 machines.
  • v1.2.0Jan 16, 2018

    Good Evening. FontRapid for Sketch 1.2 released! Again, we fixed some annoying bugs! And the performance is improved somehow. We hope you enjoy our app, and if possible, please don't be shy to share your love on Twitter or Facebook.

    *** NEW ***

  • Added another preview them - black font on transparent background.
  • *** IMPROVED ***

  • Improved the font creation performance.
  • *** FIXED ***

  • Fixed the font preview issue for those fonts whose metadata are too complex.
  • Fixed the data saving issue on the first run. Old data will be cleared on this case! We are sorry about missing out this bug. 😱
  • v1.1.0Jan 12, 2018

    Now you can check and download updates directly in Sketch, without checking our website over and over!

    *** IMPROVED ***

  • Added the ability to check for plugin updates during Sketch startup, this was done with Sketch official mechanism.
  • *** FIXED ***

  • Fixed the interface issue on certain old versions of macOS. 😈
  • v1.0.1Jan 11, 2018

    A minor change.

    *** IMPROVED ***

  • Added the ability to save & retrive font glyph metrics into Sketch document.
  • Fixed the some UI issues.
  • v1.0.0Jan 11, 2018

    🎁 Introducing FontRapid plugin for Sketch 1.0! Export OpenType fonts with simple clicks directly within Sketch!

    *** NEW ***

  • Support importing any glyph.
  • Realtime font preview.
  • OpenType (.otf) format export from Sketch.
  • Font metadata customization.
  • Support adjusting Left & rigth kerning, glyph baseline and font ascender & descender.